Absolutely no problem whatsoever. We would be delighted to have you as a customer.

Unfortunately we cannot answer that as that depends on how many is in your family or business but after a couple of weeks using the cooler you will have a fair idea of how much to order.

Your cooler comes with a 12 month warranty so if anything goes wrong we are fully responsible for repairing or replacing it. 

If we have to take it away we will leave you a replacement cooler so you will never be without water.

We service your cooler free for the first 12 months. After that we recommend you have it serviced twice a year.

The cost of a service is €25. There are no other hidden costs.

Yes we can trade in your old cooler but obviously we would have to see it before we can give you a price.

Once you live in Cavan , Monaghan, Louth, Meath or North Dublin we deliver for FREE. Minimum delivery is 4 drums.

Classic Distributors Ltd:

Our coolers are extremely reliable and come with a full 12 month warranty while our water is supplied by The Classic Mineral Water Company which was started in 1947 and since achieving Mineral Water Status in 1994, and being one of the few companies in Ireland to do so, the company has had a resounding success in all its markets.


Get in Touch:

Sales Dept: 087-7705331

Service Dept: 087-7545765

Accounts Dept: 087-2245103

Email:  classicdistributors2020@gmail.com